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Communication and collaboration strategy
Paul Obert
May-5, 2010
Sally Walters

Communication and collaboration strategy
In today’s ever accelerating pace, Communication and Collaboration are two of the major keys to a successful team. Within these skills are the need to recognize the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of others such as learning styles and personality types of which we shall touch on briefly in this writing.
Team A, of which I am a proud member, is our example victim for this discussion. According to our team charter rough draft we have three members who show strong Interpersonal learning style traits, and coincidently show the same lack of strength in the Musical style. Team A also has a member who shows strong tendencies toward the Visual-Spatial learning style and weaker Logical-Mathematical traits. Now that we know some of our learning styles we need to identify our Personality types. The team divided unevenly again having three Organizers and one Adventurer. For grading purposes I will add a thinker to the group. In order to put these styles and types together we need to know the basic characteristics of them. The learning style basic traits are,
* Seeing things from others perspective. * Cooperating within a group. * Communicating verbally and nonverbally. * Creating and maintaining relationships.
* Perceiving and forming objects accurately. * Recognizing relationships between objects. * Representing something graphically. * Manipulating images. * Finding one’s way in space.
* Sensing tonal qualities. * Creating or enjoying melodies or rhythms. * Being sensitive to sounds and rhythms. * Using “schemas” to understand music. * Understanding the structure of music.
And traits for the personality types of this discussion…...

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