Rebuilding Relationships

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Rebuilding Relationships

Infidelity, which is an act of emotionally or sexually unfaithfulness to a spouse, especially occurs after couples get married. Right now, the divorce rate is increasing in the United States. Although there are an avalanche of factors that cause the rise, infidelity is one of the main factors of divorce. According to a survey from, a man in his forties who has married around 10 years with two children over 10 matches the most common profile of a cheater. Moreover, another research shows 22 percent of married men and 14 percent of married women have lost their way at least once during their marriage. Hillary and Paul Rothrock, however, are one of those couples who stray in their married lives. Hillary is a 30-year-old housewife, whereas her husband –Paul is a 30-year-old who works in a social-media ad company as a product-support representative. Hillary and Paul have been married approximately 10 years and they have two small daughters. From others' points of view, it seems like they have a happy family. But unfortunately, Hillary finds out that Paul has cheated on her emotionally. Therefore, Hillary and Paul wonder if they should start over their relationships. However, Hillary and Paul should stay married if they can resolve the problems of intimacy and the lack of communication in their relationships. In “Stolen Moment” Roberta Wilson argues that infidelity is caused by egos. Wilson believes that couples have infidelities due to the fact that they wants an ego stroked; they need for adventures and sex. In addition, they feel a void. Wilson defines that infidelity influences the betrayed partner as the “snowball effect.” Wilson introduces that infidelity causes the betrayed partner to destroy their emotions; they get sad or angry easily. Due to the emotional devastation, betrayed partner does not trust the spouses…...

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