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To whoms ever concern

I am extremely happy to recommend Mr. A candidature for MBA studies in your university. I have known him over a period of year and have taught him the subjects of Fashion Brand Management. My interaction with his class as an instructor has introduced me to some of his unique abilities and personality.

He is a remarkable, young man with, exceptional talent. The most important ingredient of his character is his ‘never give up’ attitude which stands out and makes a mark in every dimension of his life. His strong desire to search deep, I believe, makes him what he is. This added to his passion for the subject gives him a unique edge over his peers and makes him an excellent student. His never ending thirst for knowledge, I am sure, will make his successful when he takes up research at the master’s level
High grasping power and ability to reason logically seem to come naturally to him. His punctuality and hard working nature, keep him well ahead of his peers he also maintains a very good rapport with his peers and is a team man. His ability to convince people has always impressed me. Good communication and organizational skills help him to be at the forefront of organizing seminars and group discussion classes.
He has been a good student which is also well supported by his activities. I can stand a guarantee for his aptitude and information in these mentioned subjects. He ranks among the top 4% of the students I have taught.
I strongly feel that he is worthy of graduate study at your university. In my opinion, a student of his qualities deserves admission into your esteemed university and is well worthy of financial…...

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Christmas Inflatable Mistletoe 13" X 7" X 3.9" By Dci New | The Santa Clause... (2006) | เล็บปลอม