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Our company, Hawk marketing a fairly new company has been up and running for two years now. We have been expanding at break-neck speeds however there are a few problems internally when remedied, that would increase profits by two folds. Being a company that specializes in direct marketing our employees is one of the most important aspects of our business. After having an Interview with the HR department our findings have led to believe that we need to lower employee turnover rate by two ways, firstly the interview process must be changed to be less tedious, secondly we to need to fix the job description. Also we need to hire more people specifically for the HR department because the ratio between HR and employee is off, the
HR department is quite significant in a business and needs to be treated with more relevance.
Marketing businesses solely run on profits if we can overcome these problems our profits will increase which will allow us to expand at an even faster rate.


In my interview with the Hawk marketing HR department, I found that we are a small organization that have 27 employees from which three people are dealing with HR recruitment and selection process in comparison to our competitor, who have double the number of employees. The three people include the project manager’s Jason McClelland and Reshma
Kermally as well as the HR recruitment specialist Jennifer Moran. As a new company we have had the same HR strategy in regards to training, development and recruitment, operate on an extremely small budget.

Hawk Marketing offers entry level positions in direct marketing the interview process is quite the intensive one. For starters there are four parts to the interview, first there is the preliminary interview, and this is simply when Jen gives the applicant a call to book an initial interview.
At this point…...

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