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I Shall Paint My Nails Red is a short 10 lined prose piece written by Carole Satyamurti. I liked this poem because it is simplistic but can easily be analyzed with a deeper message. I noticed that a few of the line draw attention to a women’s normal role in society and the household. Because a bit of color is a public service
Because my lover will be surprised Initially I was not sure if the author wrote this as a way to almost empower women or to simply say that they can wear whatever eccentric bright colors they want. Individuals, in society, are easily bounded by gender roles and expectation including suggested attire and overall appearance. So maybe, this red nail polish is symbolic for a rebellious act against the expectation for women during this author’s time period. Then I asked why the author choose red instead of bright blue, purple, or even black. But the color red may be associated with any type of stimulation, excitement, energy, beauty, lust, and many more. With the latter knowledge I support the claim that red is used as an act against the women’s role in different domains of life. In the last line the author writes “Because it is reversible.” I thought it was strategic to put this line at the end because it was short but this line concludes the the poem and sends a separate message on its own. Individual, women or men, are frequently judged my actions or impulsive behaviors that are temporary. This made me think of my parents response when I got my nosed pierced. Yes, I understand its a big deal to some. “Yvette why are you adding these piercing to your face .. it will leave a scar.” But, my continuous response was that this is a temporary piercing and will be gone in a few years. They finally got used to it Similar to the character in this poem, I was acing out by doing something that is temporary but, possibly, out of the…...

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