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4. Biographical Data Requesting information about candidates’ life experiences (e.g., family, hobbies, attitudes) that correlate with job performance. 5. Motivational Fit Inventories Measuring candidates’ preferences for the job, the organization, and location qualities.

The cost of replacing a non-management employee has been estimated to be approximately 30 percent of that employee’s annual salary. Replacement costs for managers can approach 50 percent of salary. For an organization with 10,000 employees and managers, this replacement cost can total $12.6 million per year2. Employees leave an organization for many reasons, but two common causes are the quality of the selection system and the quality of leadership.

A recent DDI study revealed that two of the top factors driving retention are the quality of the relationship a person has with his or her supervisor or manager and the amount of meaningful work4. There are many things that an organization can do to improve these factors. Some solutions directly improve leaders’ skills, while others improve systems and the work environment. DDI offers a full range of solutions, including: • Individual Assessments—Using objective measures, such as assessment centers and multirater feedback, to diagnose leaders’ individual needs for development. • Performance Management—Providing a system for setting goals, providing feedback and coaching, reviewing progress, and creating development plans. •…...

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...Module 8 Report Kara Spiese-Floyd Strategic Issues Human Res Mgmnt HRA-596-MBOL1 Professor Sherbert June 23, 2012 Executive Summary Managing turnover within any organization can come with its difficulties. Considering direct and indirect costs associated with turnovers are essential to creating a plan to deal with turnovers. The time and money it takes to train new employees to fulfill a position related to a voluntary turnover can potentially hurt an organization. However, organizations that can create a plan to prevent high costs associated with unexpected voluntary turnover will see that the overall performance of the organization will also improve. In considering my current position, employee initiated turnover costs during an economic recession will be quite different than costs for the organization during a normal economy. Considerable costs can result from employee initiated turnovers since they are unexpected. Disruptions in operations, work team dynamics, and overall organizational performance are also affected by voluntary turnover (Mello, 2011, p. 585). With my current job there would be direct economic costs associated with the organization as they would have to staff and train a new employee. The indirect costs associated with the voluntary resignation include the downtime that will be needed for a newly hired employee to learn the skills required for the new job and to become completely coherent in knowing how to do the job. There are also...

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