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Respect is undoubtedly the most important ingredient in any team effort. Without respect, people don’t listen to each other and, as a result, cannot work as a cohesive unit. Success simply cannot be achieved without respect. I suggest that the only way to garner the respect and dedication of employees is to respect and care about those very same people, first.

My experience in the workplace has made clear to me that the most effective leaders gain respect by listening to employees’ ideas both good and bad. Once an employee knows that the boss is listening the incentive to speak up and give voice to new ideas is greatly enhanced. A good leader knows more than anyone the importance of ideas rising through the ranks, as the people at the so-called ‘bottom’ of the totem pole are almost always closest to the details and progress (or lack thereof) on any given project. A good leader knows, therefore, that there are limitations to the top-down structure that often envelopes large corporations, and that having people who are willing to say when something is working.

Simply telling employees that they should raise any issues or concerns in the first instance is not enough. People are not inclined to open up to those who they view as close-minded, or uninterested. Rather, the boss must show through their words, actions, demeanor, carriage that ideas, thoughts and concerns are welcome. The best leaders, in my view, do this by inviting conversation both in group meetings and one-on-one, and by getting to know employees not only in connection with their job duties but by learning more about who the person is, as an individual, and what motivates that person to come to work every day. This is no easy task. I have seen the best minds at the workplace wholly unable to garner the respect of subordinates due to their inability to recognize the importance of…...

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