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Regression Paper
RES/342 Research and Evaluation

The Hypothesis
Team C’s hypothesis is that the more years of education one receives the more a person can potentially earn in salary. The team will use the process of linear regression analysis to explain how the information is used and conduct a five-step test to see if the hypothesis proves true or false.
Linear Regression Analysis Team C’s purpose of this research paper is to use a linear regression analysis test to determine if a significant linear relationship exists between an independent variable which is X, level or years of education, and a dependent variable Y, salaries earned or potentially earned. “It is used to determine the extent to which there is a linear relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables,” (Statistically Significant Consulting, 2010, para. 1). Learning Team C will use the salary and education levels from the Wages and Wage Earners Data Set collected through access to the e-source link of University of Phoenix. For this test the dependent variable, Y, will represent the salary of the 100 participants and the independent variable, X, will represent the education of the 100 participants.
How the Information is used
This information will be used in a linear regression test to see if there is enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis that a higher education does not equal a difference in salary. This test will research and analyze the earnings of workers based on the years of education they have received to see if the slope equals zero. If the slope equals zero, then Team C will not be able to reject the null hypothesis. This week, Learning Team C will use linear regression to determine if a significant linear relationship between the two variables actually…...

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