Rei: Mountaineer Spirit Alive and Well in Demanding World

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REI Marketing Environment
June 2005


REI: Mountaineer Spirit Alive and Well in Demanding World

Elizabeth R. York
Capella University

Last updated July 9, 2005


REI Marketing Environment
June 2005

REI Marketing Environment Analysis
REI is a specialty retailer whose product line focuses on equipment and materials for the outdoor recreational enthusiast. They carry nearly everything one needs to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and effectively. Shoppers will find that they can purchase everything from tents, sleeping bags and camping equipment to specialized clothing to mountain bikes, kayaks and climbing equipment. REI’s product line includes gear of the quality that serves both the weekend family camper and the serious climber or cyclist. REI’s pricing is reasonable and will accommodate various income levels.
In addition to the product lines, REI has a travel service that arranges unique and challenging adventures in exotic places such as Austria, Kilimanjaro and Botswana, and even
Antarctica. One can explore these regions by foot, bike, rail or boat. Their group focus ranges from families to women only to birding to volunteer vacations with the American Hiking
Association in which one can spend their recreational time helping to build or maintain hiking trails in sometimes remote areas.
REI’s company information includes an encouragement to “join our winning team” and states that they have been chosen as one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in
2005. They speak of themselves as a consumer cooperative with more than 2.4 active members. In general, they portray a corporate culture of health, vitality and activity.
Internet research reveals that very few companies compete equally with REI. They are undoubtedly the leader in the industry for variety, quality and versatility.…...

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