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In the modern days public relations services are also hired by way of consultants so as to keep the company image steady and strong. The students will be explained the definition of a public relations consultant besides evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of such an exercise., We will also study the ethics of public relations with special reference to the professional conduct and character of the public relations consultant. Moreover, the students will also be told about the market and its related dilemmas as well as the public relations role in educating the market.
Definition of A PR Consultant?
" It is the provision of specified & creative services by an individual or a group of individuals qualified to do so by reason of experience and training by way of professional fees paid for its services by clients under an agreed contract."
Advantages Of A PR Consultancy
·It is an independent advisor, able & willing to criticize.
·It has wide experience gained with many clients requiring diversity of techniques.
·It is familiar with more media than the staff PR manager.
·It has more facilities & has access to specialist services with whom good working relations are enjoyed, like printers, photographers, research units, translators etc.
·It has skilled specialist staff.
·It may have central urban location close to media, venues for receptions & suppliers of services.
·It is remote from the internal organization of clients.
·Generally works through only one person in the client organization, or at best through only a few people
& lacks internal line of communication.
·It is limited in operations to the size of fee unlike the staff PR manager who works full time.
·It has to share loyalties between clients.
·It may know little about the client's trade, industry or special interest.
Ethics Of Public…...

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