Relationship Between Discipline, Management,

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Relationship between Discipline, Management,
Behavior and Misbehavior
LaRissa Newman
EDU 450
July 20, 2013
Professor Hesch-Grover

Management, discipline, behavior, and misbehavior are four words that have an impact on each of the others. The four ideas share some similarities as well as differences. First we will define each word, then make comparisons and last describe how these terms all relate to each other and education. In terms of education within a school or classroom, discipline helps to manage behaviors; to train by instruction and practice, especially to teach self-control to students. Discipline refers to the approaches and strategies used by teachers to guide and promote constructive student behavior. Classroom management can be described as what the teacher establishes as procedures and rules. These procedures and rules create order and provide a sense of safety for students. In the simplest words, as applied to teaching, it involves any and everything a teacher must do to carry out teaching objectives. Specific but flexible skills, instructional methods and knowledge are implemented to promote optimal learning. Behavior relates to actions by the student, typically a positive action, while misbehavior is a negative action. Both relate to classroom management and discipline directly.
Similarities and differences Management is proactive and could be seen as the prevention while discipline is a reactive action implemented after the prevention methods have failed. Classroom management is crucial to ensure student learning. Research has determined that specific management techniques can have an effect on the behavior of students. As a key component of management, discipline, or lack thereof, will result in little structure and learning in the classroom.…...

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