Relationship Between Television Advertisements and the Programs That They Show

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Television advertisements today are made to fit with the programs that they are shown with. With advertisements being made to fit with programs and the advertisements also made for the people who see them or the kind of people who watch the television program (Dennis). I will try to answer the question using some common examples to show how it is used in advertising and where it may go tomorrow. This essay will discuss how television and advertisements viewed during programs have the same nature. This essay will make it obvious that advertising is meant to go together with the programs that are being seen at the time. This is most effective when it is in a similar subject as the television programs that are being watched like sports themed commercials during major sporting events and other commercials written and produced for those types of television shows.
Sports events are probably the most the common type of programs that bring in television commercials that are designed for the type of program. Often in American football there are beer commercials and advertisements for other products that either use sports players – in this example football stars are saying that they are good or advertisements that have football content. These commercials are usually made to get men who watch these sports events to buy their goods. They are often between twenty and thirty years old as these are the people who the main ones who are watching the sport. Sports shows are not the only types of programs that encourage companies to sell their goods specifically for the type of television show. Another common way that advertisers try to get their ads to their buyers is by playing them on channels or during certain programs that they expect the people who will buy their goods to be watching. For example many commercials for electronics and computers come on the television in the…...

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