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Reliance Fresh is a chain of retail stores owned by Reliance Industries, headed by Mukesh Ambani. It was established in 2006, and now has more than 1000 outlets across the country. They sell a wide range of items including fruits, vegetables, groceries, juice, dairy products, FMCG goods and other staples. A typical Reliance Fresh Store has an area of 3000 – 4000 sq. ft. and caters to customers living within 2 – 3 km around each store. Reliance plans to invest over Rs. 250 billion over next 4 years for expanding its retail division. Reliance Fresh provides direct employment to over 5 lakh young Indians and indirect job opportunities to a million people, according to the company.
With its core growth strategy of backward integration, Reliance Fresh has made rapid progress towards creating and sustaining an entire value chain right from the farmers to the end consumers. Reliance Fresh has announced that it will minimize its exposure to fruit and vegetable business and position itself as a complete super market which focuses on categories like food, FMCG, stationeries and other products. It has a vision to generate inclusive growth and prosperity for farmers, vendor partners, small shop keepers and consumers.

Organizational Aspects: * 12 customer service associates are rotated periodically for various jobs like billing, stacking and customer service so that they do not get bored and also gain expertise in handling different tasks.

* Learning Curve – Billing time and waiting time for the customer is reduced because the cashiers gain experience in billing over a period of time.

* Monthly rewards program and incentives for the employees keep them motivated.

* Employees work in two shifts, 6 am to 3 pm and 1 pm to 10 pm, on rotational…...

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