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Our expectation is that this case study will be dedicated to all potential researchers who might be embarking on this same case study and to Mr. Jamal Mohammed paved the way for us to embark on this practical research.
We are most grateful to the Lord Almighty for strength, knowledge and wisdom granted to us in our area of study. We also acknowledge every member of our group who contributed their effort to this successful research.


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...($) and Oil rents (% GDP) were obtained from the World Bank. The dependent variable, which illustrates taxations as a percent of GDP, was obtained from the 2015 index of economic freedom. The two independent variables were for the year 2012. The Countries that were picked for the analysis were the nations that are members of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and 37 other countries. The 37 other countries were picked randomly from a list of 114 countries using a random number generator. In seeing the effect of on taxation from states that directly collect revenues from oil production, a dummy variable was used. “0” was assigned for the countries where oil revenues were not collected directly by the Government. “1” was assigned to the countries where oil revenues were collected directly by the Government The developed regression model is as follows: Yi=β0+β1X1i+β2X2i+β3DGovernment+μi Yi = Taxation as a % of GDP. X1i = Oil Rents as a % of GDP X2i = Wealth measured as GDP/capita Di=0 if country does not collect taxes directly Di=1 if country collects taxes directly It is hypothesized that countries with higher oil rents should have lower taxes as a % of GDP. Wealthier countries (GDP/Capita) should be able to tax more as consumers earn more in those countries. The Dummy variable should have a negative effect on taxation. Table I below shows the descriptive statistics of the variables analyzed in our model.  On average Oil rents......

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...Animals for Rent In our society today, with all our advancements and breakthroughs, life in the 21st century is noticeably better than before. However, some problems will never go away, like war and death. Aside from that, a problem which has recently plagued our society is the practice of animals-for-rent. Animals, like humans, have their own habitats, and they live in what we collectively call the wild. Some humans have decided to pull these animals out of their homes and rent them for profit through the inhumane practice of animals-for-rent. These ignorant people are very cruel; they treat the animals as objects that only serve as entertainment to the public in the form of rental books or DVDs (Animal Aid, 2007). This unsafe and exploitative practice has gradually weakened animal rights and rips deeply into human morality and conscience. It is often the case that the people involve in this practice, this so-called exotic pet markets, give no regards to the survival of these animals, which are often on the endangered list. According to Richard Farinato (in The Humane Society of the United States,, wild and exotic animals are favorable vectors for diseases and parasites, often the outbreak of diseases cause the death of a mass of animals. If this situation is continue without any resolution, these animals might become extinct. Because there are no concerns to the needs of the animals, the livelihood will decrease rapidly, and eventually they might not......

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