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Report from Interview
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Report from Interview

Work at an airline calls for undivided attention, focus and stamina. Top executives find themselves torn between balancing work and family. While work is important in ensuring employees meet their family needs, it has become increasing important for senior executives to try to strike a balance between the two (Masuda & Chinchilla, 2010). Ability to ensure both sides are well catered for requires careful examination of ones conduct and building a clear time frame. Success may be achieved at workplace through putting more efforts and time. This means less time and personal touch with family members, which may be harmful to the wellbeing of all parties. In the long run, it does more harm than good. Maintaining a balance between work and family is crucial as it will ensure support from family members as one pursues their goals at the working place.

Undergoing a thorough self transformation to achieve a win-win situation will entail time adjustment, more efforts to complete task within given time frame so that time to see ones family is available and is not disrupted (Masuda & Chinchilla, 2010). Not only will the top executive ensure strict adherence to the schedule but will also need to ensure the entire labor force is moving in the same direction, since failure to do so will mean their family time will be consumed solving institutional problems.

An interview with the Chief executive officer of Alaska airline revealed that the main factor necessitating for a balance between work and family is the conflict that emerges when one delves too much in work related activities, and partially or totally becomes absent for the family. Conflict between the two has adverse effects to both the executives and the family members. He stated that a sense of abandonment arises when the…...

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