Requirements Necessary to Form an Oil Deposit

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4. There are four requirements necessary to form an oil deposit: 1) there must be source rock , 2) there must be a heating event, 3) there must be a reservoir rock, and 3) there must be trapping mechanism. The source rock must contain abundant organic matter. The organic material liquefies during the heating event, converting to hydrocarbon in the process. The first hydrocarbons to form are called Kerogen, which consists of carbon (69–80%), hydrogen (7-11%), Nitrogen (1.25-2.5%), Sulfur (1-8%) and Oxygen (9-17%). Kerogen becomes crude oil when the oxygen and nitrogen are removed in some manner. The Petroleum System consists of a mature source rock, migration pathway, reservoir rock, trap and seal. Appropriate relative timing of formation of these elements and the processes of generation, migration and accumulation are necessary for hydrocarbons to accumulate and be preserved. The formation of hydrocarbon liquids from an organic rich source rock with kerogen and bitumen to accumulates as oil or gas. Generation depends on: the presence of organic matter rich enough to yield hydrocarbons, adequate temperature, and sufficient time to bring the source rock to maturity. Pressure and the presence of bacteria and catalysts also affect generation. Generation is a critical phase in the development of a petroleum system.
Petroleum Generation:- A source rock is one rich in organic matter which heated sufficiently, will generate oil or gas. Rocks of marine origin tend to be oil prone. During the oil generation process, and simultaneous with the increase of the hydrocarbon/noncarbonate carbon ratio, the composition of the shale normal paraffins and naphthenes boiling above 325°C gradually changes and eventually becomes very similar to that of the waxy oils of the basin. The conclusion that petroleum is formed from sediment organic matter essentially by thermal, nonbiological…...

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