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1. A) Active Directory Federation Services provides a way for users to access multiple services within a network using a single sign-on process that authenticates for all the services. This eliminates the need for the user to sign-on to multiple services and/or maintain multiple user accounts

B) Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services is a lightweight version of active directory. It doesn't require domains, or forests but can still be used for storage and directory services. You can also run multiple LDSs on one server independently of each other.

C) Active Directory Certificate service provides a certificate authority and issues certificates.

D) Active Directory Rights Management Services can control what a user is allowed to do with data on a server. You can control printing, copying, transferring and so on.

2. Server Manager is designed to guide administrators through the process of installing, configuring, and managing server roles and features that are part of the Windows Server 2008 release. It is a combination of Manage Your Server and Security Configuration Wizard from Windows Server 2003. Server

3. With WSRM you can manage server processor and memory usage with standard or custom resource policies. It does not actively limit the resources that can be used by each consumer when processor load is low.

4. NAP allows network administrators to define granular levels of network access based on who a client is, the groups to which the client belongs, and the degree to which that client is compliant with corporate governance policy. If a client is not compliant, NAP provides a mechanism to automatically bring the client back into compliance and then dynamically increase its level of network access.

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