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The term collaboration and its concept has become a keyword in the infrastructure of corporate businesses, small businesses, higher education, and workplaces. "In today's process-driven workplace", as authored by Evan Rosen (2008), "collaboration is king". As the remnants of the in-the-box and old-school traditions are becoming more and more obselete, the out-of-the-box culture of collaboration is being born across the globe.

Introduction and History of Collaboration in the Workplace
An Overall View

The term collaboration and its concept has become a keyword in the infrastructure of corporate businesses, small businesses, higher education, and workplaces. "In today's process-driven workplace", as authored by Evan Rosen (2008), "collaboration is king". While remaining in-the-box and old-school traditions are becoming more and more obselete, the out-of-the-box culture of collaboration is being born across the globe.
According to Webster’s New Dictionary (2001), the definition of collaboration is the gathering of resources, data, and information, especially in literature.

This combined collection of information and workplace activity constructs a general, specific plan or purpose which is to be executed or produced within the workplace while working with others as a team. The history of collaboration began many centuries ago, long before the B.C. or A.D. eras, where at least two individuals had to communicate in the effort of completing a task, project, or written document. Therefore, collaboration is not a new term, but an enhanced and improved one in the professional workplace.

According to a Scientometric Journal Article, “Studies…...

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