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1 Assignment 2 Research Report (40%) Due Friday 15th April 2011

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to gathering, analysing and reporting research data. The focus is on examining Piaget’s concepts in a practical way. It links to your achievement of the Unit Outcomes 3 and 4:

3 Collect, analyse and interpret data with respect to the domains of development.
4 Develop academic essay and report writing skills

The assignment consists of clear steps which are outlined below:

Gathering the data (revisit Chapter 2 for information on ethics, observation and note taking)
Collect about 20 small items that can be sorted or categorised in multiple ways e.g. shells, screws / nails, buttons, pictures from a shopping catalogue or magazine etc.
Select two people of different ages. A larger discrepancy (a primary school aged child and an adult; or a preschooler and an adolescent for example) will be easier for you but you may need just to work with people you have easy access to.
Explain that you need to ask people of different ages to do a short activity for a university assignment. It should take a maximum of about 20 minutes.
Gain their consent to participate in your study. Make sure you submit signed consent forms (see link under “Assessments”) from the participants.
It is important that you learn normal research protocol, and this demands that, irrespective of whether or not the person is a family member, you would need to have them sign the consent form.
A parent or guardian should sign on behalf of any persons younger than 18, and a schoolteacher does not have the authority to do this. In addition to the parent/guardian's signature you should also obtain the child's verbal consent and if able to write, his/her signature. If you only obtain verbal consent, this should be clearly stated in the essay.
Please note: You must include these…...

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