Research Strategies for Weight Loss

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Research Strategy for Weight Loss
Emily Fioramonti
GEN/200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
May 9, 2010
Monica Griffin

Everyone encounters tough problems and decisions in life, from day-to-day or life-altering choices. The ease with which we solve these problems is an indication of the development stage of our critical and creative thinking abilities. Virtually every problem can be solved by implementing the same process, which we will disect into easy to follow steps. First, we must define our purpose, by asking “Why do I want to research?”. Next, we will gather information, by discovering “Where can I find the desired information?”. Finally, we will evaluate this information, through examining evidence, perspective, validity, and assumptions (Bishop, et al., 2007, p. 78). Devloping a research strategy for successful weight loss can be a great lifelong resource, following those simple steps. Through mastering the art of research, we will become better real-life problem solvers, as well as more exceptional students.
Before beginning the process of research and evaluation, one must define their purpose, or figure out why he or she wishes to analyze a particular topic. In my case, losing twenty pounds is a problem I feel strongly about solving because it is important to be healthy and feel good. Boosting confidence is only a peripheral side effect of weight loss. Upon making the decision to lose twenty pounds, I can analyze my diet and lifestyle to figure out what bad choices have led to weight gain. Once defining my purpose, the process of gathering infromation and evaluating data can begin (Bishop, et al., 2007, p. 79). Keeping an open mind and remaining felxible about various methods and options for weight loss will aid in the process and lead to a greater chance of success. A major part of the research process is to figure out…...

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