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In this article, we are dealing with a meaning and representative reality of pictures. In todays world there are many pictures, shown and done in many different ways. We have various kinds of pictures in rich colours and textures. The objective of this article is to reorient the study of advertising images by advocating the development of a theory of visual rhetoric.
When we are taking about rhetorical theory, we say that it is an interpretative theory that frames a message as an interested party’s attempt to influence an audience. The sender’s message must be send as obvious one. It is also important how the message is sent – style of delivery. It is important that audience understand the message, therefore he uses shared knowledge of various vocabularies and conventions. Receiver/s use this same body of cultural knowledge to read the message, infer it, evaluate the argument and formulate a response.
If we want to explain advertising images as a rhetoric one, we need to understand that visuals must have certain capabilities and characteristics. Visual elements are for representing concepts, abstractions, actions, etc. There must be an ability to guide the order of argumentation and visual elements need to carry meaningful variation in manner of delivery.
To explain a visual communication complex we would need a symbol theory of pictures: one in which visuals signify by convention and not by resemblance to nature. Author claims, that visual arguments are a symbolic system, because symbol is used as a very general and colorless term. There is new approach to visuals and because of that, we would recast pictures as information in symbolic form; this approach is different from the old one.
When we are talking about how images work in advertising world, we need to dig deeper. Pictures provide…...

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