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My Creative Response to “To My Brother Miguel (in memoriam)”

Of all the texts in the book of readings, this particular poem remained in my thoughts for a long time.
It’s an emotional piece; the writer clearly delivered a lot of heavy feelings within it. Whether or not the poem is based on real life experience by the poet is irrelevant to my comprehension of the piece’s emotional message and eulogy to a long since dead family member. Throughout the piece he contrasts himself by both writing in the voice of a child and an ironic, slightly world-weary adult. The innocence of his childhood voice and memories, countered with the lingering sadness of his adult one gave me pause to think about the range of voice being brought to the table. The piece lacks a distinct sense of rage at the narrator’s loss of his brother. This made me highly intrigued as to what the poem would feel like if it was filled with rage or even regret. And while the narrator lingers on past memories, he certainly doesn’t regret the time he spends dwelling over them.
The largest voice missing from the poem was that of the dead brother himself.
I entertained the thought of writing an opposing poem from the point of view of the dead brother, in the same style as the original piece, while he laments over the fact that his brother won’t let his memories pass on.
But I thought that that piece would lack the anger and regret that I felt was missing from the original piece. So I instead made the brother a slightly murderous monster, who regrets only how he couldn’t kill his brother before he himself was murdered. And is now stuck in his brother’s thoughts being remembered lovingly, much to his chagrin, and yet he still wants a release that only his hated brother can provide.
The tone of the original piece casts the dead brother in a rather positive light. The tone of my response piece creates a…...

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