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The Responsibility Project

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The Responsibility Project
Searching the Responsibility Project website I found several videos of importance when it came down to ethical principles and organizational ethics. One video of an organization stood out from the rest. This video represented a company called Greyston Bakery. Greyston Bakery was founded in 1982 by a Zen Buddhist meditation group led by Bernard Tetsugen Glassman, a former aerospace engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit and a bold vision. The group borrowed money to open a storefront bakery in the Bronx, Their original goal- to produce quality, locally made products that would give the group sustainable, satisfying livelihood- soon inspired a socially responsible business extending opportunity to others.
The where several key issues in this short film that caught my attention and ones I believe to be inspiring to any business. The first issue is Greyston Bakery has an open hiring mentality. Open hiring is about giving their local residents a second chance at life by hiring people who were or are down on their luck. These could be local residents that have had drug or criminal backgrounds and Greyston Bakery is an organization giving these people a second chance on their futures. By hiring these certain individual Greyston Bakery is giving back to the community in times when a community needs it the most. Greyston Bakery’s profits support their own foundation the Greyston Foundation this foundation is truly one of a kind in itself. The foundation serves their community by offering community development initiatives, including low-income housing, childcare offered to their employees as well as to the community, health services, and technology education. This organization has brought their community a sense of freedom by supporting and offering the people in their community jobs, health care, and in…...

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