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Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility

Marshan Brown

Leg-Bus 500 Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance

Professor Daniel Smith

May 13, 2012


Determine at least three different internal and external stakeholders that Dr. Do Right might have to deal with on a daily basis at the hospital. Discuss the duty of loyalty owed to each internal and external stakeholder.

Dr. Do Right has a duty of loyalty to employees, society, and board of directors. Each duty of

loyalty has its’ own significant meaning. Dr. Do Right signed a contractual agreement with

Universal Human Health Hospital and took an oath to run the daily operations of the hospital,

implement procedures and decisions made by the board of directors, and give updates and

reports to the board members and shareholders about the financial status and daily operations

of the organization.

First of all, Dr. Do Right must communicate procedures, policies, and business goals to his

management team. He must educate them on business changes, developmental opportunities,

and all other vital information to help them to administer and communicate the organizations’

policies, expectations, and needs to lower level employees. Dr. Do Right must also display

leadership qualities that are positive, respectful, and effective. This is his obligation to show

that he is capable and responsible for a huge workforce.

Secondly, Dr. Do Right has duty of loyalty to society. As Chief commanding officer of the

hospital, Dr. Do Right must evaluate and oversee all daily operations of the hospital. He has

an ethical duty to make sure all policies and procedures are in compliance with government


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