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Restructure As CanGo’s consultants, there are several reasons for the purpose of restructuring.
Reorganizing the operations and other structures of the business can improve the efficiency and be up to date with technology that will allow CanGo to be more competitive. For CanGo to continue with their success, they must be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them. Likewise, they must also take into consideration the threats that may have an impact on their business overall. The restructure process will focus on new management method, new work method, organizational issues, and technology. The new management method will focus on the behavioral approach for CanGo’s top management by empowering the workforce. With the small staff that CanGo currently has, it is strategically wise to considered wider roles and responsibilities for each staff members with specific functions and details. According to Cornerstone OnDemand (2010), empowering the workforce can result in an overall quality productivity that allows employees to be more engaged with motivation to meet the business objectives or goals. Top management should implement strategies and provide supervision to ensure compliance and that objective or goals are being met. The ability to provide some form of autonomy will surely increase productivity for
CanGo’s staff. Another new management method will focus on creating a new communication plan that places a high value or emphasis on communication. As we’ve seen from time to time in the
CanGo videos, there are miscommunications and unclear work duties or descriptions and that can very well reduce the quality of work and production. Communications must start from the top and engages with its employees to be effective. A poor or lack of communication in workplace can create low morale and reduce…...

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