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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)
Candahug, Palo, Leyte

Excerpts from the minutes of the meeting of the Area II Officers held at _________________ on _______________________.

A Resolution Requesting the SDS and Division SBM Coordinator to allow the LDSSAI to sponsor the conduct of the Enhancement Training-Workshop on the preparation/ documentation of evidences/MOV’s of all indicators of SBM Scale of Practices

WHEREAS; the administrator Area II requested the LDSSAAI Officers and the Board of Directors to facilitate the conduct of Enhancement Training on SBM Scale of Practices documentation/preparation of MOV’s/Evidences for all School Heads and SBM Coordinator of the school;

WHEREAS; there is a need for all the School Heads and SBM Coordinators to familiarize the MOV’s per indicator for uniformity of the format per level of practice.

WHEREAS; the School Head and SBM Coordinators of the school felt the need to enhance their competencies in the documentation of evidences/MOV’s of the said program;

WHEREFORE; on motion of ______________________ duly seconded by _________________________ to request the LDSSAAI Officers and BOD to facilitate the said training workshops to be participated by the School Head and SBM Coordinator of the school;

RESOLVED as it is hereby resolved, to request the LDSSAAI Officers to initiate the conduct of this
Enhancement Training-Workshop on the preparation/documentation of MOV’s/Evidences to familiarize the format per evidence;

RESOLVED further to strongly encourage the LDSSAAI Officers to request the SDS and Division SBM Coordinator for the conduct of the said enhancement training-workshop;

RESOLVED FINALLY to let copies of this resolution be submitted to the LDSSAAI…...

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