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For this work I decided to open in France Cocoon clothing company, located in Granada, retailing, I have chosen these two countries because they are within the top 5 countries of the European Union in the textiles sector and are two major countries with major fashion catwalks. I chose this company because it is a small company, and is a women's clothing store that has clothes very hard to find in other stores. I chose the fashion industry especially because according to my previous studies I think it's an everchanging industry in terms of fashion and is an area in which the image is very important in Spain. Cocoon is a shop that sold clothing especially at night but you can also find jeans, skirts, blouses, accessories, handbags and more clothing at prices that will chord with our product quality. Cocoon is a very experienced workers and always try to help the customer find what you want, is a company with more than 16 years of experience in this sector.

Cocoon was established in 1994 as a company of evening dresses for women and 16 years later has become a store that has a lot of variety of clothing and as a reference in pomegranate. Store's mission is to offer its customers much more than a traditional clothing store. The range, quality, price, care, and evolution are hard to find in other stores. We can say that we are a leader…...

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