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The Poe Ranch Gift Shop

1.) I feel the gift shop should offer items that are distinctive to the area, such as trinkets painted like the scenery, fake cattle’s skulls, pictures of the ranch and scenery distinctive to Wyoming. They could also do magnets, glasses, potter, decorative items, clothing and tableware as Heather wants to. I feel they should also have some basic essentials there, in case visitors forget to bring something, then they do not have to drive into town. I would put these items in the gift shop as that way the customer is able to relate the souvenir to the trip and it seems like they would want to keep better quality items in the gift shop, as it seems like it may be higher income people coming to the ranch, and they may have more money to spend. Bottom line keeps items in the gift shop that appeal to customer and the experience at the ranch. The retail mix may have to changed to adapt to the customer needs and the owners will need to watch the people’s wants and needs.
3.) I feel the idea of Charles using the Poe Ranch Lodge as an extension of the gift shop, sound like an innovative idea. Allowing people to be able to purchase the items will make the trip very personal to them and hopefully increase the profit for the ranch and gift shop. I would imagine they may be able to find a builder to make the products so they are available to be replaced at the ranch when/if they are bought. For some people going to a place like this a dream and to bring part of that dream home would be very personal for the customer. As long as they are able to keep manufacturing low in order to make a profit in selling the items, and figure out a good shipping method. It doesn’t hurt to try it to try increase the profits. The gift shop may not have the same pictures and doesn’t seem like it is big enough to sell furniture. It would make the experience a…...

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