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Chapter 1 Introduction- Review questions

1.1 List four examples of database systems other than those listed in Section 1.1.

Some examples could be: • A system that maintains component part details for a car manufacturer; • An advertising company keeping details of all clients and adverts placed with them; • A training company keeping course information and participants’ details; • An organization maintaining all sales order information.

1.2 Discuss the meaning of each of the following terms:

(a) data

For end users, this constitutes all the different values connected with the various objects/entities that are of concern to them.

(b) database

A shared collection of logically related data (and a description of this data), designed to meet the information needs of an organization.

(c) database management system

A software system that: enables users to define, create, and maintain the database and provides controlled access to this database.

(d) application program

A computer program that interacts with the database by issuing an appropriate request (typically an SQL statement) to the DBMS.

(e) data independence

This is essentially the separation of underlying file structures from the programs that operate on them, also called program-data independence.

(f) views.

A virtual table that does not necessarily exist in the database but is generated by the DBMS from the underlying base tables whenever it’s accessed. These present only a subset of the database that is of particular interest to a user. Views can be customized, for example, field names may change, and they also provide a level of security preventing users from seeing certain data.

1.3 Describe…...

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