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For Sherry (1996), interactivity takes many forms; it is not just limited to audio and video, nor solely to teacher-student interactions. It represents the connectivity the students feel with the distance education lecturer, the facilitators and their peers. Sherry (1996) states that without connectivity, distance learning degenerates into the old correspondence course model of independent study. The student becomes autonomous and isolated, and eventually drops out. She argues that effective distance education should not be independent and isolated from learning, but should approach Keegan's ideal of an authentic learning experience.
In a well researched literature review on video conferencing, Amirian (2002) found that interaction is critical to any video conferencing-based learning situation. She argues that video conferencing should be used in ways that make full use of its unique qualities. Specifically, she says, “interaction is the key component of this use of the technology to support a more social learning, negotiating meaning through interaction”. Echoing Amirian's point about interaction, Irele (1999) finds that video conferencing enables remote learners to be part of a social and socialising environment. Irele concludes in his comparative analysis that in a video conferencing-based learning situation, a combination of media “increases the chances of positive learning outcomes by increasing the range of learning styles that can be accommodated”.
Also suggesting the importance of video conferencing ability to accommodate different learning styles are Heath and Holznagel (2002) and Alhalabi, Anadaptuam & Hamza (1998:2). These authors are of the opinion that using several technologies to meet different instructional needs and learning styles results in a richer, more effective instructional experience. According to them both synchronous and asynchronous…...

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