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There’s no absolute goodness or evilness. We are in an inner battle where our id and superego are constantly fighting to take the upper hand. While kindness and being ‘perfect’ is generally praised, it’s probably counterproductive to always suppress your basic feelings and desires. It’s imperative to acknowledge yourself as a combination of good and evil. Otherwise you will fall in deep self-blame and struggle when you discover your evil side which is the polar opposite to the idealistic image you set for yourself. And this could lead to serious consequences as is in the case of Lina, where she nearly collapses and begins to hallucinate when she can’t properly balance the two personalities inside of her. She wants to yield to the temptation of being bad, but her ideal to be perfect rejects that part of herself and throws her into deep self blame. In modern society, it’s unrealistic to expect yourself as perfect. Setting too high a standard sometimes could only exert pressure on oneself, thus threatening one’s emotional well-being. Sometimes it’s okay to acknowledge and even yield to our desires and temptations provided no harm could be done to others and society in which we are living in. Through the course of Lina’s revelation of her dark side, the relationship between Lina and her mother undergoes a sea change. She is initially obedient and respectful to her mother, seeing her as a role model in the pursuit of the top of her career. But as her dark side begins to reveal, she gradually comes to the realization of her mother’s creepy possessiveness and begins to defy his mother. Their conflict is at its greatest when Lina discovers her mom’s attempt to stop her from playing the black swan and that’s when she verbally attacks even physically injures her mom.
Personally, I think her mother’s over-protectiveness stems from the early setbacks in her career. She…...

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