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On January 26th 2014 I attended a concert that took place at Doylestown Presbyterian Church in Doylestown. Preforming that day was a group called the Impulse Handbell Ensemble, a group of grade school children from Monmouth county New Jersey. The group, directed by Ryan Guth uses hand bell’s to produce music and instrumentals to popular songs. Ryan Guth has been teaching middle school band for seven years now and owns his own performing arts studio named voice works. On the day I attended the concert, there were 10 compositions preformed with an intermission in between. Some major compositions that were preformed included the hit songs “call me maybe” and “counting stars”. I was quite surprised when I initially saw the program and the songs listed, because it was hard for me to comprehend how a group with bells could produce songs that we are so accustomed to hearing on the radio. Once the concert got started, I enjoyed seeing how all the bells complimented one another by the different sounds they produced. The concert itself was quite entertaining to me. I was really impressed by how 14-year-old kids could play together and be so professional. Another thing I observed was how some of the members of the ensemble played multiple instruments, which was really impressive. From the start the members of the ensemble tried to get the audience involved in the performance. The director after the first couple of songs introduced the students individually. It was a nice way of getting to know the members of the ensemble on a personal level. It was hard to say any one member of the group stood out from the others because they all worked in sync but the one of the members David played multiple bells at the same time.
The audience really seemed to enjoy the music, which was surprising to me. The crowd was older, and I initially thought they would not know many of the…...

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