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2. Identify some possible reasons why RIM management waited more than three days before issuing an official response to the public. Are these reasons justified? Why or why not?

* No Public Relations Department
RIM’s failure to address their customers after the blackout occurred insinuated “that RIM employees were working-around-the clock to fix the problem. Does this mean that the PR people are engineers as well?” (Davis, 2011). It is possible that RIM didn’t have a public relations department, and did not want to risk issuing a statement that was not culturally sensitive to its diverse user network. “Effective external relations require a sound communication strategy. A company must have a strategy for all of its external relations activities…” (Barrett, 2014). Managing the press is one of those activities. Multination companies such as RIM understand how misunderstandings can occur by not recognizing cultural differences (Barrett, 2014). Therefore, rather than issue a statement that may have been offensive to users in certain countries, RIM chose to remain silent.

* Can’t identify the cause of the blackout RIM had a good reputation amongst its customers that was built on “the notion of service and reliability and when all else fails your BlackBerry will still work” (Bigus, 2012). RIM did not know what had caused the blackout, and rather than damage its reputation they waited until a possible cause had been identified before addressing the public. “External communication messages should be clear, honest, consistent, and meaningful…one mistake in any of these areas can cause repercussions from which a company may never recover” (Barrett, 2014). RIM felt that waiting until they had an honest answer for the cause of the problem was better than giving out inaccurate information.

RIM failure to address the public immediately after the blackout is…...

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