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1. Facts of the case

Rio Grande Supply Company is a Texas-based wholesale plumbing supply company

Promotes integrity, honesty and a respect for each individual employee as the company’s values

Has very strict policy on computer use; only for business-related activities

Jasper Hennings, President, believes that a company’s top executives were largely responsible for determining a firm’s corporate culture

Henry Darger, hard-working chief of staff and a member of Jasper Hennings’ church

fired a female employee for accessing another worker’s email.


his young nephew had committed suicide and a business he’d helped his wife start had failed.

used company computer to access pornographic sites.

Female employee, fired by Henry Darger for having accessed another worker’s email surreptitiously. 2. Statement of the problem
How will Jasper Hennings handle the situation involving his chief of staff, Henry Darger and the female employee

To define a specific course of action for Jasper Hennings involving Henry Darger and a female employee, whom Henry Darger fired

An organization’s values serve as the guiding principle that are most important in performing work and achieving goals. These values are shared amongst all employees to help them determine what is right and wrong. Values shape the culture of the organization, which reflect on how one interacts with customers, business partners and fellow workers. The top executives of an organization are expected to adhere to their organization’s values and serve as role models to the employees.


For Rio Grande Supply Company, it espoused integrity, honesty and respect to each individual employee. The management team was perceived by the…...

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