Riordan Operations

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Riordan Operations
Christopher E Jenkins
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March 13, 2012
Ivon Young
Riordan Operations
Since the creation of Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. in 1992 the company has enjoyed success in the plastics manufacturing sector. The company has grown from a single manufacturing plant in Pontiac, Michigan to adding a Research and Development (R&D) facility in San Jose, California, a second manufacturing plant in Albany, Georgia and an overseas plant in Hangzhou, China. As the company has grown, it has consolidated its manufacturing processes so that each plant has a specific area of specialty, thereby reducing costs by eliminating a duplication of work between the facilities. The company, however, still endeavors to further trim manufacturing costs and increase efficiencies. One area that can be improved upon and streamlined is in the company’s operations.
Current System
To best illustrate where the company’s operations can best be improved, the current systems in place must first be explored. In the Human Relations (HR) department, Riordan currently uses the original system that was installed in 1992. This Human Resource Information System (HRIS) tracks employee information such as pay rate, personal information, tax information, and other organizational specific information. Any changes to an employee’s information must be submitted in writing on a HR form and are entered into the system by the payroll clerk. Other files, such as training records, development records, resume status and salary surveys are tracked using Excel spreadsheets by the different department specialists. Individual managers and Employee Relations specialists maintain their employee files as there is no central file repository for employee files and information.
In the sales department, the individual sales people maintain their own customer records. It is noted that some members…...

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