Riordand Manufacturing Hris Proposal

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Riordan Manufacturing HRIS Proposal Report

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Introduction In response to your request the team has analyzed your HR system integration with existing tools to create a single integrated application. The development team has taken advantage of a more sophisticated information systems technology. The development team has determined that Riordan Manufacturing has developed from a small plastics research and development firm to an international plastics manufacturing corporation. Riordan carries the contracts of over 30 customers of varying size, including the Department of Defense. Therefore, due to this growth the development team will show you how we have created the business requirement definitions for the development of your HR system that will support the objective of establishing a single integrated application by using more sophisticated information systems technology.
Project Initiation & Approach Riordan Manufacturing has a requirement for making the HR system into a single integrated application by using more sophisticated information systems technology. Initially management looked at the current system to determine it short-comings and what technology is currently being used. After looking at the current system, the development team called a meeting to determine the scope, mission and process of communication and documentation standards. Therefore, the development team will determine the appropriate resources and how to acquire the staff to meet the needs of the project. Therefore, the next step in the process was to draft a project plan. This involves determining human resources needs as well as project procurement requirements. At this point, it has been determined to create our development team. The management and development team determined to use PHP/Oracle as the…...

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