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The Rise of the Internet

The Rise of the Internet Over the past 30 years, computers have doubled in computational speed every year while dropping in price almost as precipitously (Marshall). This directly affects the rise and success of the internet. The eventual takeover of internet access is quickly coming to reality. When you look around, all you see are people playing with electronic devices all of which are accessing the internet. This essay will argue that through the rise of the internet, people have changed their old ways of thinking, shopping, and communicating, which has changed the future of books, television, and computers.
Kenneth Jost stated, “The book-publishing industry is all abuzz over electronic books”. The new way students and people who love to read are learning is through electronic books. Some people like the old way of reading books, but now everything has changed. This has changed the future of books, which are now on the downfall. With the rise of the internet, new devises are created almost daily, leading to a new way to enjoy reading and other leisure activities such as looking at maps or pictures. This occurred due to the “cool factor” of possessing a computerized device and the quickness of accessibility. Furthermore, once someone gets a new device, their surrounding family and friends must also have one. They are portable and allow people to access useful computerized information or any book they would like to read at any time. People nowadays are using the internet so much, they don’t have the time to read conventional books anymore. The new technological advancements that have been made in recent times have caused books to fade out of our life and the new electronic book start to take over the market. This is leading to a population of internet ready people who have changed their thinking,…...

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