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Rizal’s Writings

El Filibusterismo by Jose Rizal
El Filibusterismo is the second novel written by Doctor Jose Rizal and is a sequel Noli me Tangere. El Filibusterismo means “Reign of Greed” in English.

Noli Me Tangere Noli Me Tangere is a Latin word which means “Touch Me Not”. Rizal described in details the sufferings of his countrymen under the Spaniards in this novel.

To Josephine
Rizal wrote this poem for Josephine Bracken, an Irish woman who went to Dapitan to have her father George Taufer treated for an eye problem.

To the Philippine Youth
At the age of eighteen years of age, Rizal won first prize for his poem “To the Philippine Youth” in 1879.

Our Mother Tongue
“Our Mother Tongue” is a poem originally in Tagalog written by Rizal when he was just eight years old.

Mi Ultimo Adiós (Original Version)
Here is the original Spanish text of My Last Farewell penned by Rizal during his last hours on December 29, 1896. My Last Farewell or Mi Ultimo Adios was the last poem written by Jose Rizal but his friend, Mariano Ponce, was the one who gave the title to this poem.

To the Flowers of Heidelberg
Jose Rizal wrote “To the Flowers of Heidelberg” on April 24, 1886 while he was in Germany and felt a deep longing for his family and his country.

Memories of My Town
In “Memories of My Town”, Jose Rizal spoke of his childhood days in Calamba, Laguna recalling his happiest memories of the place and the people.

My Retreat
Jose Rizal describes in “My Retreat” his exile in Dapitan. From 1892 to 1896, he lived an unexciting but fruitful life.

Goodbye to Leonor
“Goodbye to Leonor” was written by Jose Rizal for his lady love, Leonor Rivera who was only 13 years old when Rizal met her in Dagupan.

Jose Rizal's Felicitation
Jose Rizal poem entitled “Felicitation” was one of the many poems he wrote in 1875 while still in…...

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...SOLIMAN, Joelice P. Chapter 24 - Last Homecoming and Trial October 8, 1896 - a friendly officer told Rizal that the Madrid newspapers were full of stories about the bloody revolution in the Philippines and were blaming him for it. October 11, 1896 - Rizal's diary was taken away and was taken away and was critically scrutinized by the authorities. Novemeber 2, 1896 - Rizal's diary was returned to him because nothing dangerous was found in its contents. He wasn't able to record the events from Monday, October 12 to Sunday, November 1. Hugh Fort - English lawyer in Singapore that Dr. Anotonio Ma. Regidor and Sixto Lopez dispatched frantic telegrams to rescue Rizal from the Spanish steamer when it reached Singapore by means of a writ of habeas corpus. Chief Justice Loinel Cox - denied the writ on the ground that the Colon was carrying Spanish troops to the Philippines. November 3, 1896 - Colon reached Manila. Rizal was quietly transferred under heavy guard from the ship to Fort Santiago. November 20, 1896 - prelimenary investigation began. Judge Advocate, Colonel Francisco Olive - the Advocate Judge who is in charge of a five-day investigation of Rizal's accusations. November 26, 1896 - after the preliminary investigation, Colonel Olive transmitted the records of the case to Governor General Ramon Blanco, and the letter appointed Captain Rafael Dominguez as special Judge Advocate to institute the corresponding action against Rizal. December 8, 1896 - Feast Day of......

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...Rizal’s Education Subject: PI 11 Life, Works and Writings of Dr. Jose Rizal Schedule: 9:00-10:30 TTh AE 306 Submitted to: Ms. Jennifer M. Bito Submitted by: Group 2 Charaychay, Kalie Kalaya B. Ligawen, Melody Y. Submitted on: February 11, 2016 Early Education The hero’s first teacher was his mother, Dona Teodora. On the age of three, Jose already learned his alphabet, how to pray, and reaching the age of 5, he can read the Holy Bible and he can also write in Spanish. As early as his age, his mother told a story about the “The Young Moth”, which made the profoundest impression on him in the tragic fate of the young moth, which died a martyr to its illusions. When Jose grew older, his parents employed private tutors, Maestro Colestino was Jose’s first private tutor, second private tutor was Maestro Lucas Padua and his third tutor was Maestro Leon Monroy, a classmate of his father, who taught Rizal in Spanish and Latin for five months. Education at Binan, Laguna Five months later, the latter maestro died and Jose was sent to a school in Binan. In June 1869, Jose travelled to Binan, accompanied by Paciano(his older brother). Upon arriving at Binan, Jose lodged at the house of his aunt. Maestro Justiano Aquino Cruz was his first formal teacher. Jose described his teacher as follows: "He was tall, thin, long-necked, with sharp nose and a body slightly bent forward, and he used to wear a sinamay shirt, woven by the skilled hands of the women of Batangas. He......

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