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Essay 2: Rock MY Vote
Part Two: Sending your essay via snail mail

STEP ONE: You will reformat your essay so that it looks like a letter. You will remove your name, date, title, my name, class section, etc…. Then you will add the following: * Your address at the top of the letter. Do not include your name or title, as it will be included in your closing. Do write your email address as well. * The date. Write out the month, day and year (January 12, 2011). * Inside address: The inside address is the sender’s address. Make sure you find the appropriate address for your audience. * Salutation: For this letter, it should be “Dear Mr. or Mrs. Secretary/President/etc...” * The body: essentially, your essay, but you should not indent paragraphs, and instead use a block format and single space everything. * The closing: It’s up to you, but it could be “Thank you” or “Sincerely.” Then, using 4 single space lines, type your full name and then sign under.
Please staple your letter together and do include your Works Cited/Reference page/Bibliography.
STEP TWO: Address an envelope (standard rectangular mailing envelope) to your audience. Attach a stamp (TWO stamps if your letter is longer than 5 pages). DO NOT ENCLOSE THE LETTER IN THE ENVELOPE.
STEP THREE: Attach your letter to your envelope with a PAPER CLIP. I will check your format and then enclose the letter and mail it.

**This is due anytime before the last day of the quarter. Until then, however, your essay grade is not…...

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...citizen,  A Florida resident, and  At least 18 years old (you may also preregister if you are 16 or 17 years old but you cannot vote until you are 18). If you have ever been convicted of a felony or if a court has ever found you to be mentally incapacitated as to your right to vote, your right to vote must be restored before you can register. If you do not meet any one of these requirements, you are not eligible to register. Where to Register: You can register to vote in-person or by mailing or hand-delivering your application to any supervisor of elections’ office, any office that issues driver’s licenses any voter registration agency (for example, any public assistance office, assisted living facility, office serving persons with disabilities, public library, or armed forces recruitment office) or the Division of Elections. If mailing application, be sure to add sufficient postage. Deadline to Register: The deadline to register to vote is 29 days before an upcoming election. You can update your registration record at any time, but to change your political party for a primary election, you must make the change by the registration deadline. For a new application, you will be contacted if your application is incomplete, denied or a duplicate of an existing registration. If you receive a voter information card, that means you are registered to vote. Información en español: Sirvase llamar a la oficina del supervisor de elecciones de su condado si le interesa obtener este......

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