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Within this case, Heidi Roizen proves the importance and capabilities of creating a large, diverse, and interactive network in the professional world. She was able to achieve a lot through the connections and relationships she was able to build paired with her performance results. She was able to form an extremely large network size with individuals that she enjoyed working with and respected as well. She formed close ties within this network and established open communication paths to stay in touch. Through this network, she was able to establish a positive reputation in the Silicon Valley amongst what seemed to be hundreds of people if not thousands. She was also able to achieve a sense of status in the area as she was basically treated as a celebrity and it was a big deal to be invited to her parties and be a part of her network. One of the most important achievements her network offered was career opportunity. Having built such strong relationships with many people, Heidi had open doors to numerous careers where she could follow her true passions. Her network also achieved things for other individuals. Since she had built such a positive reputation, senior leaders of many companies trusted Heidi and her recommendations. She often times would help link people from her network to jobs that they may not have been able to get on their own but she could orchestrate through her connections. Additionally, her network helped organizations as well. She never would make recommendations that were not a win-win for both the potential employee and organization. This helped companies find the most passionate and best performing individuals to fit their needs. Also, since she had so many organizational commitments, she was able to break down communication barriers that were once in place. This allowed for organizations to collaborate easier and built strong partnerships as…...

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... 3. What is your analysis of Thomas Green’s actions and job performance in his first five months? What mistakes has he made? 4. What are the possible underlying agendas of Davis and McDonald? 5. What actions, if any, would you take if you were Thomas Green? Case: Heidi Roizen Heidi Roizen, a venture capitalist at SOFTBANK Venture Capital and a former entrepreneur, maintains an extensive personal and professional network. She leverages this network to benefit both herself and others. The case considers the steps she's taken to build and cultivate a network that is both broad and deep. Preparation Questions 1. What are the strengths of Roizen’s network as we see it at the end of the case? The weaknesses? 2. What specific steps did Roizen take to develop her network? To maintain it? 3. How does your own network compare with Roizen’s? To what extent are the differences due to the political structure in which the networks exist? To what extent are the differences due to personal preferences and style? 4. What suggestions would you give Roizen for adjusting and maintaining her network as she becomes more involved as an Internet venture capitalist? Session 9. Saturday, April 4th, 1:00pm-5:00pm Readings: From Control to Commitment in the Workplace Case: FMC Aberdeen This case describes the history and management...

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...9-800-228 REV: APRIL 28, 2010 KATHLEEN MCGINN NICOLE TEMPEST He eidi Roi izen eidi Roizena venture capitalist at Softbank V Venture Capi ital (Softban nk) and a fo ormer He entrep preneursat back at her o oversized des in her hom office in A sk me Atherton, California, and lo ogged onto h computer It was a typ her r. pical morning for her; she had received 40 e-mails overnight. An g d nother 100 or so would co r ome in over th course of t day. Am he the mong her e-ma ails, Roizen re eceived an av verage of 10 b business plan per daya ns almost all refe errals from pe eople she knew in the high w h-tech industry y. Ro oizen had spe the first decade of her career activel building h network in order to hel the ent ly her n lp softw ware company she co-found y ded, T/Maker compete ag r, gainst better-c capitalized software develo opers. Throu her roles as CEO of T ugh T/Maker, pre esident of the Software Pu ublishers Asso ociation, and later, vice p president of worldwide developer re elations at A Apple Compu uter, Roizen had develop ped a netwo that inclu ork uded many of the most po owerful busin ness leaders i the techno in ology sector. Over the y years, Roizen had also m n mastered the skill of blen nding professional netwo orking with social netwo orking; she was well-know throughou Silicon Va w wn ut alley for hosti ing dinner pa arties at her h house that in ncluded the li ikes of Bill Ga of Micros and Scott McNealy of Sun Microsys ates soft t stems. An......

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...adults until they are 26, which I feel is very important because I was without insurance once I turned 21, but I was lucky I did not have a major health emergency. One of the biggest benefits of the affordable care act is that low income individuals and families can get subsidized pricing that will fit in their budget for them to get and keep healthcare when they would need it the most. Also the affordable care acts provides free preventative care which can also help reduce the overall cost of healthcare. References Rak, S., M.D., & Coffin, Janis,D.O., F.A.A.F.P. (2013). Affordable care act. The Journal of Medical Practice Management : MPM,28(5), 317-9. Retrieved from Roizen, M., & Oz, M. (2013, Oct 22). The affordable care act. Ocala Star - Banner Retrieved from

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Gluten-Free Cause and Effect should rid you of all side effects and prevent your body from developing any further health risks related to celiac disease. Eating a gluten-free diet is time consuming and expensive, but it is important. Celiac disease can cause numerous health issues in the future if the gluten-free diet is not followed. The gluten-free diet needs to be taken seriously and people need to realize the facts. My mom and I have worked through the struggles and the inconveniences together. We walk through this journey in our lives together. People should know that there are support groups for celiac disease and that there and numerous amounts of resources out there to help you through your journey also. Works Citied “Drs. Oz & Roizen: Gluten-Free Foods Have Benefits For Everyone.” idahostatesman. Idaho Statesman, 22 March 2014. Web. 10 March 2014. Jaret, Peter. “The Truth About Gluten.” webmd. WebMD, 2 March 2011. Web. 24 March 2014. Stohs, Nancy. “Gluten Intolerance Rising In Developed Countries.” jsonline. Journal Sentinel, 27 April 2010. Web. 24 March 2014. University of Cambridge. "Type 1 Diabetes And Celiac Disease Linked." ScienceDaily. Science Daily, 11 December 2008. Web. 26 June 2014....

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...drinker will be a victim of violent crime. Substantial percentages of homicide, assault, and robbery victims were drinking just before their victimization. Medical examiners have done a significant number of homicide studies by running toxicological tests of the body fluids of homicide victims. Separate reviews by Greenberg (1981) and by Murdoch, Pihl, and Ross (1990) found that the percentage of homicide victims who had been drinking ranges widely, but is usually about 50 percent. Goodman et al. (1986) tested the alcohol levels of several thousand homicide victims; they found that 46 percent of the victims had consumed alcohol in the period before being killed, and three of ten victims had alcohol levels beyond the legal intoxication level. Roizen (1993) examined studies of alcohol use by robbery and rape victims. The percentage who had been drinking before their victimization ranged widely—from 12 to 16 percent for robbery victims and from 6 to 36 percent for rape victims. Abbey (1991) and Muehlenhard and Linton (1987) also found in their studies of date rape that both offenders and victims had commonly been drinking. Abbey suggested that drinking by the offender or by the victim contributes to rape by the impaired communication and misperception that results from alcohol’s effects on cognitive ability (among other contributing factors). Males who have been drinking, for example, may mistakenly attribute sexual intent to their date. Alcohol may increase the risk that the......

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...18:e45-51. Inokuchi, R., H. Sato, S. Nakajima, K. Shinohara, K. Nakamura, M. Gunshin, T. Hiruma, et al. Development of Information Systems and Clinical Decision Support Systems for Emergency Departments: A Long Road Ahead for Japan. Emergency Medicine Journal. 2013. 30 (11): 914-917. Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg. Ziekenhuizen goed op weg met implementatie normen voor afdelingen spoedeisende hulp. Kwaliteitssysteem nog niet volledig op orde. 2012. Nederlandse Vereniging Spoedeisende Hulp Verpleegkundigen. Richtlijn ‘Triage op de spoedeisende hulp’. 2008. Ozkaynak M, Brennan PF. Characterizing patient care in hospital emergency departments. Health Systems. 2012. 1(2):104–17. Rhodes KV, Lauderdale DS, Stocking CB, Howes DS, Roizen MF, Levinson W. Better health while you wait: a controlled trial of a computer-based intervention for screening and health promotion in the emergency department. Ann Emerg Med. 2001. 37:284-291. van Steenkiste BC, Jacobs JE, Verheijen NM, Levelink JH, Bottema BJAM. A Delphi technique as a method for selecting the content of an electronic patient record for asthma, International Journal of Medical Informatics. 2002. 65 (1). 7–16. Vezyridis, P., S. Timmons, and H. Wharrad. Going Paperless at the Emergency Department: A Socio-Technical Study of an Information System for Patient Tracking. International Journal of Medical Informatics. 2011. 80 (7): 455-465....

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...selling securities, variable annuity sales, and senior investment fund (Daks, 2005). Many seniors lose their entire life investment behind schemes like the one mentioned above. According to Heathfacts (2009), two health scams were widespread on the internet. One is the acai berry supplement that promises to make one look good be the picture of health, and longevity. The RealAge scam is a test given to determine your age. It made the person younger or older than their actual age. A well-known cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz was promoting the RealAge promotion. He has made numerous appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as Larry King LiveCnn, and other networks. Other members of the team of experts of doctors are Michael F. Roizen, MD, co-creator of the company, Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD, FAAP, chief pediatric office, John La Puma, MD, FACP, member of the advisory board, and Amy Weschsler, MD, skin specialist. The Center for Science stated, “Two alleged features just ripe for a scam”. When credit or debit card were given for shipping and handling; it automatically enrolled the person in a shipping agreement. This type scams shows you can not trust even well-known persons in society. Sweepstakes Scams require “winners” of a lottery or sweepstakes to submit payments to claim a prize. The scam stresses the need for immediate action and may even ask the person to provide personal information. A good thing to remember when dealing with this type of......

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...Strengths: 1. She could Influence and shape organizational behavior. Below two examples serve as illustrations to this. * she was instrumental behind Apple running a successful advertisement campaign * Microsoft and Apple agreeing to collaborate 2. She * Weakness * One of the downside of having such a huge network is that there were thousands of people in industry who felt that they had a personal relationship with Heidi and therefore could ask for favorable investment opportunities. This puts huge pressure on her personal time. * Maintaining network of this magnitude becomes a huge influencing factor in all the future professional decisions. Q4: The biggest challenge of Heidi’s new role is that: Roizen acknowledges the challenge of being in a VC role where she often might have to turn down the investment opportunities or meetings with people whom she personally knows. Since this goes against her network building ideology, she needs to adapt to the situation. 1.       She needs to make a tradeoff between her time in present and potential future value of her relations. 2.       She needs to increase the breadth of her contacts by expanding her network. 3.       She needs to develop the financial mindset. Since as a VC each of her action have a financial repercussions, she needs to be more careful in making the deal....

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...her own network, and close to nuclei in other networks, accessible to a wide range of people * Mixing personal and professional relationships Weakness: * Huge amount of contacts coming at door, time consuming to deal with one by one * Inefficient communication methods from some of the massive contacts 2) What specific steps did Roizen take to develop her network? To maintain it? Develop network * Build connection with inter organizational figures through work relationship * Attend conferences and events, outstanding communication and information sharing ability * Join high exposure industry group/forum/community, increase personal exposure * Connect with good, talented people Maintain network * Performance: do what you said- start of good relationship * Consistency: respond with consistency * Principle of reciprocity: give or receive based on win-win situation * Know the limit, not ask one person too frequently * Understand others, make request short and easy to execute * Hold parties/events, introduce worthy connections to each other 3) What suggestions would you give Roizen for adjusting and maintaining her network as she becomes involved as an Internet venture capitalist? * Focus on nuclei in other networks, and expand network through nuclei when necessary * Maintain her own network as usual * Set assistants as gatekeeper in case of time consuming communications * Use formatted templates for......

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Greenhill Community Center Case Study go above her head. Again, this was inappropriate, but had Leslie acted in the appropriate manner at the committee meeting I do not think she would have had the same problems which followed with the second employee. 4 A final issue I would like to address is the idea that some of the staff’s resistance to Leslie was the fact that she was a young woman fresh out of business school. Several times within the case readings Leslie brings up the fact that she handles situations like a man (very straight-forward and upfront, not nurturing like the previous manager). In a 2003 study by a Columbia Business School professor and a New York University professor they looked at a case study with a Harvard Business School graduate, Heidi Roizen and described how she became a successful venture capitalist by using her people skills and networking. Students in the study were asked to read one of two stories: one where Heidi’s story was read and the other where the same story was read but Heidi was changed to Howard. The professors found that while both groups found Heidi and Howard equally competent, Heidi was seen as selfish and not the type of person you would want to hire or work for. What this shows is that Leslie likely had some prejudice coming into the position. Had she been a man it is likely her straight-forward approach would have been more expected and therefore more likely to be accepted. Add in the fact that she was fresh out of school and I cannot help......

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...William Longewiesche, American Ground, New York: North Point Press, 2002. Ch. 2, The Rush to Recover.” Video: “The World of David Rockefeller,” Bill Moyer’s Journal (1980). TOPIC 2. THE CONTROL OF RESOURCES Readings: MWP, Ch. 5, “Resources, Allies and the New Golden Rule.” Case: Robert A Caro, The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York, New York: Vintage Books, 1975. Ch. 10, “The Best Bill Drafter in Albany,” Ch. 11, “The Majesty of the Law,” and Ch. 12, “Robert Moses and the Creature of the Machine.” SESSION #4: HOW TO DEVELOP POWER-PART 2 TOPIC 1. ADVANTAGEOUS COMMUNICATION NETWORK POSITION Readings: MWP, Ch. 6, “Location in the Communication Network.” Case: Nicole Tempest, Heidi Roizen (HBS Case 9-800-228) TOPIC 2. PERSONAL REPUTATION AND PERFORMANCE Readings: MWP, Ch. 7, “Formal Authority, Reputation, and Performance.” Case: Seymour Hersh, The Price of Power: Kissinger In the Nixon White House, New York: Summit, 1983. Ch. 1, “The Job Seeker,” Ch.2, “A New NSC System,” Ch. 3, “Consolidating Authority.” SESSION #5: HOW TO DEVELOP POWER: PART 3 TOPIC 1. SUBUNIT CHARACTERISTICS Readings: MWP, Ch. 8, “The Importance of Being in the Right Unit.” MWP, Ch. 14, “Changing the Structure to Consolidate Power Case: TOPIC 2. David Halberstam, The Reckoning, NY: William Morrow, 1986. Ch. 11, “The Wiz Kids,” and Ch. 13 “The Quiet Man.” PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Readings: MWP, Ch.......

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...Style and More. Retrieved February 4, 2012, from This article lists 20 healthy fast food meals from local and nationwide restaurants. It also lists the calories, nutritional values, and low calorie alternatives from the not so healthy menu. This article indicates that no matter how little time you have because of work deadlines, carpooling etc. There is a fast food restaurant that will support your diet. This idea can be used in the third section of my paper because it supports the fact that most people don't have the time to travel to a supermarket or prepare meals at home because of time restraints due to hectic changing schedules of modern lifestyles. Roizen, M., & Oz, M. (2012, January 25). It's tricky finding healthy fast food. Chicago Sun Times, p. 5. This article answers a reader's question to the Doctors. She asks how healthy are fast food healthy entrees really?" The doctors conclude that with a little sleuthing you can find fast and good choices. The article indicates that people shouldn't be deterred by nutritional fact checking, or feel like they are being duped when fast food restaurants boast that they provide healthy meals. The article gives you examples of several fast food healthy menu items and nutritional values. This idea can be used in the fourth section of my paper where I discuss how nutritional information can be found in the restaurant or online which saves time......

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