Roles and Functions

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Roles and Function
Demanesse Humphries
September 17, 2012
Joan Ralph Webber

Roles and Function
The four major functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning involves a detailed action plan to reach a goal, such as using critical and creative thinking, organization involves determining what roles everyone will have on a project, gathering resources need to do the job, leading involves communicating, motivating and inspiring others to meet the goals that are set, and controlling involves measuring performance and taking action to make sure results are favorable, it also allows all the other steps to be successful. (Donald J. Lambardi, 2007)
The four functions of management are important because it allows managers at all levels to successfully accomplish goals and to manage people effectively. Managers have to first assesses or project where the organization is and how it can improve. Organizing must be done in order to determine what course of action the company will take; they also have to plan to satisfy internal and external factors that may arise. Leading involves motivating staff to maintain a positive and effective work environment, build interpersonal relationship and to solve problems. Controlling is a set of standards which maps out the plan and assigned task to help staff achieve the company’s set goals. (Pakhare, 2011)
The most important role for a health care manager and leader in a diversified health care industry is leadership. As a leader one has to deal with operational factors such as team performance, commitment, delegation, and time and stress management. Leaders have to be able to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, coach and counsel. Budgeting, managing financial and human resources, have good analytical skills and being able to anticipate change, and to control organizational and…...

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...Roles and Functions Lonesa C. Walls HCS 325 December 5, 2011 Marcia Baker Roles and Functions The role of a health care manager covers many aspects. They are required to keep their staff on task, as well as encouraging them in positive ways to do their jobs. They control the organizing and planning for their team. Their team reports to them if they have any issues with the job and the healthcare manager is responsible for handling any situations. “They must create the work environments in which individuals and groups contribute to organizational productivity,” which is called accountability. (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, 2007) Healthcare managers must take responsibility for the accomplishments of its members and for the indiscretions of the team also. What makes a good manager is one who recognizes the good in his or her staff, but they are also able to point out when mistakes are made and rectify the problems. The most important role as a health care manager is valuing diversity. It is important for diversity to be present in any company. The ability to get along with a person of a different race, age or religion is one of the best qualities a manager can possess. Companies recognize that diversity in the workplace can make or break them. “Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse not only in demographics, but also in cultural traditions and lifestyles. This presents both a challenge in terms of required employer support and an opportunity with respect to...

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