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Unit 7 Quiz 5
This quiz tests over the objectives covered in Units 6 and 7.
1. The _________ DNS record is used to indicate the e-mail server for a particular domain to which email should be forwarded.
b. NS
c. PTR
d. MX

2. By default, __________ downloads and erases the email from the mailbox on the email server, whereas ___________ allows you to view email while leaving a copy in the mailbox on the email server.
a. IMAP4; POP3
b. POP3; IMAP4

3. A ____________ is an email server that receives inbound email and simply forwards it to another email server within the organization.
a. Smart Host
b. Intrusion Prevention System
c. Relay Host
d. Email Relay

4. If the priority numbers are the same on all MX records, DNS will rotate the list of MX records each time an MTA sends an MX record query. This feature of DNS is called ______________.
a. server farm
b. clustering
c. round robin
d. load balancing

5. __________ can be used to automatically configure the software, security settings, and user interface on computers within an AD domain based on the location of the user or computer within the AD database.
a. Group Policy
b. Security Policy
d. Permissions

6. _____________ is a protocol based on HTTP and XML that can be used by some browser-enabled cellular telephones (called smart phones) to access emails from a Microsoft Exchange server.
a. OWA
b. MicrosoftSync
c. ActiveSync
d. EmailOverHTTP

7. When assigning permissions, it is best to assign them to ____________ rather than to individual users.
a. computers
b. IP addresses
c. groups
d. Group Policy Objects

8. The ______________ is a database of all object names in the forest and aids in locating objects in the AD.
a. schema
b. GC
c. DC
d. DNS

9. Which of the…...

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