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Ohayo Nii-san :D Soft light through a window. A shuffle beneath the sheets. A stifled yawn. Sasuke sat up slowly from where he lay on his bed, his vision still hazy from sleep. He yawned yet again as a pallid hand rose to meet his face, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He mumbled to himself incoherently as his bare feet met the cold, hard floor. Coal colored eyes rose to meet the small, hand drawn picture that he had made of himself and his family not two days ago, and his eyes flashed with realization. Today was his Aniki's birthday. As he thought, his sleepy pout slowly turned to a mischiveous grin. He quickly, but carefully, hopped down from his bed and made his way over to his door. Cracking it open ever-so-slightly, he peered into the hallway. Passageway clear. Tiptoeing into the hallway, he made his way to the door adjacent to his. Pausing to listen, he made sure that no one else was awake before placing his hand on the door. He slowly applied pressure, and was rewarded with a small gap to peek through. With one eye he scanned the room for his prey. His breathed hitched in his throat as he spotted a large lump on the bed located in the corner of the room. Target identified. His face once again broke out into a grin, this one wider than before. He waited a few moments before pushing the door open a little further. Squeak. He froze, heart beating frantically in his chest, and he was sure that the horrible pounding could be heard a mile away. As if to confirm his fears, the figure on the bed shifted slightly and an almost inaudible sigh could be heard. Unconsciously, his grip on the doorframe tightened, his face somehow managing to pale even more than his already pale complexion. Discovery was inevitable and he silently braced himself for what was sure to come... But nothing happened. There was no more movement from the bed or…...

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