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Duration: Part A: 95 minutes Part B: 45 minutes
Timeline for classes:
Part A Construction and interpretation of graphs: 95 minutes to complete 8 questions worth 57 marks
Part B Linear Programming: 45 minutes to complete 2 questions worth 20 marks.
The total marks allocated for this SAC is 77 (marks will be adjusted for outcomes).

Materials allowed: 1 x Bound reference (which remains with the teacher for the 2 lessons) OR the text book with no writing specific to the questions in the SAC; CAS calculator or Graphics calculator; ruler; pens/pencils

Outcomes: Mark allocation noted in brackets (total marks: 20)
Outcome 1 (8 marks)
Define and explain key terms and concepts as specified in the content from the areas of study, and use this knowledge to apply related mathematical procedures to solve routine application problems.
Outcome 2 (7 marks)
Apply mathematical processes in contexts related to the‘Applications’ area of study, and analyse and discuss these applications of mathematics.
Outcome 3 (5 marks)
Select and appropriately use technology to develop mathematical ideas, produce results and carry out analysis in situations requiring problem-solving, modelling or investigative techniques or approaches related to the selected modules for this unit from the ‘Applications’ area of study.

Students need to demonstrate:
Key knowledge
This knowledge includes
• key features of straight line, line segment and step graphs and the form of related tables of values; • the concept of break-even analysis and its relation to graphic and tabular representation of relations; • non-linear relations, constant of proportionality and key features;
• linear inequalities, systems of linear inequalities and their properties;
• the role of variables, constraints and objective functions…...

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