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This assignment will discuss relevant issues surrounding the subject of safe administration of medicines. The assignment will outline both legal and professional standards that have been set out by government and professional bodies for nurses and other health care professionals to follow whilst administering medicines. It will then go onto analyse actual and potential problems that may occur when a professional is trying to achieve these standards. This assignment will be supported by literature findings. The conclusion will reflect what is written.

The administration of drugs could be defined as the way in which drugs are selected, obtained, delivered, prescribed, administered and reviewed to make sure that the medicine is having the desired affect (Dougherty et al 2004). Drug administration is an integral part of a nurse’s role and as such responsibility for correct administration of drugs rests with the nurse (O’Shea 1999). It is stated that nurses spend up to 40% of their time administrating medicine (Armitage et al 2003) In order to perform this intervention safely a nurse needs to know about the drug its immediate effect and any side effects it may cause. This role involves safe handling and administration of medicines, the role also includes the nurse being responsible for the patients knowing what medicines they are taking and why. Legal, professional and cultural boundaries are changing in health care settings, which mean that a nurse’s role is now medicines management. (Dougherty et al 2004).

Medication errors can place a patients life at risk. Errors are an unavoidable subset of human behaviour, no amount of proficiency or expertise will reduce it (Reason 2000). Drug errors can be costly the results are increased hospital stay, patient harm, loss of life in some circumstances; careers ruined or fear of reprisal (Anderson et al 2002). Medication…...

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