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Safe Vehicle Operations

Firefighters and emergency personnel lay their lives on the line to save others at any moments notice. Firefighting is a job that is highly respected among others and requires bravery, integrity and the ability to quickly think, react and overcome problems. Firefighters respond to many calls to include fire alarms, fires, and incidents involving hazardous materials, car accidents and many emergency medical calls. Safely responding to these said emergencies is the number one priority of the fire department. According Fahy, LeBlanc, & Molis, 2013, 30% of fire and emergency apparatus have wrecked, injured and or killed personnel in 2012 (p. 18). How can emergency services provide care if they can’t even make it safely on-scene? Department management needs to review their certification systems for driver/operators, standard operating procedures (if any), for safe vehicle operations to ensure personnel are properly trained as vehicle operators.
What are common safety violations that can cause injury and death? Backing fire apparatus are the most common reason for accidents and are the easiest to correct (Tutterow, 2009, p. 1). According to Tutterow, 2009, an 82-year-old man was killed when a rescue apparatus backed into him on scene… a firefighter was killed and another injured when a department was taking pictures of a newly received apparatus backing into a station. Within 11 days of this incident, the Los Angeles Fire Department had allowed firefighters to remain on the tailboard while backing. Unfortunately, this practice killed the very first female firefighter as she fell off of the tailboard and was crushed. Sadly enough, the LAFD defended their SOP’s and although unwilling, they revised their SOP to help prevent such incidents (Tutterow, 2009, p. 1). How can fire departments avoid backing accidents? Lets go back to…...

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