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today I will talk about the dates in Oman. Dates are very important for the people around the world especially for Arabian people. Dates are a part of their culture and tradition. Have you ever thought about the different uses of dates? Do you know how they are processed? It is really interesting to know how dates are grown, processed and used all over the world particularly in Oman. Nobody can deny the medicinal value of dates and that is why many people say that it is the traditional ‘jack’ of all medicines. Many people believe that they can cure many diseases. Dates are important for many reasons. They are used as the food for people, food for animals and a source of economy.

The first reason why dates are important is that people eat them. This is an important item among the dishes of the Arab people particularly the people of Oman. In fact, most of the Omanis eat them with coffee. When visitors come to the family, they are served dates with coffee or tea. Omani women make many food items with dates. For example, halva, honey, cakes and other special food items for important occasions. This is an important menu during the main functions of Omanis like marriages, feasts etc. People believe that it is a great source of energy and it is the secret of their health and long life.

The second reason why dates are important is that they are food for animals. The different parts of date palms are given to animals. For example, leaves of date trees are given to cows and goats. Dates in its different forms are given to different animals like camels, cows, goats and other animals. In fact it is the main food of animals and different medicines made of dates are given to animals when they are sick. So it has a medicinal value not only for people but also for animals.

The third reason why dates are important is that they help the economy. Many people depend on…...

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