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Stakeholders Government Society Soldiers Church bodies Other religious bodies {draw:frame} Structure Quasi military Divided the regions into territories Providing the autonomy to the head of the territories Need for the change in the vision Services can be made available to the richer class of people, since there has been a change in type of problems faced by people at present as compared to the past, facing higher stress levels as a result of hectic life styles. Thus Salvation Army can help tackle the core problem/ finish the problem at its root. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Widespread network Quasi-military approach Commitment Understanding the needs of the people Commitment Integrity Women empowerment High level of development of disaster relief work Weaknesses: Inability to spread services in Russia The staunch Christian values of the organization that limit it from venturing in every part of the world, especially in Islamic countries Opportunities: Marginalised communities - working with communities facing exclusion and poverty Volunteering - providing opportunities for people to get directly involved in the organization’s work Young people - responding to their issues Developing community services - encouraging local units to engage with local needs Threats: Losing an overall identity and focus Religiously liberal not-for-profit organizations might venture into areas inaccessible to the Salvation Army thus reducing its standing in the world Political and Social Analysis Being a not-for-profit organization aiming at spreading its services all over the world, the social and political…...

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