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’’Say Yes’’ by Thomas Wolff
The short story “Say Yes’’ by Thomas Wolff is a story there show us how people’s opinions can come between relationship and put some discussions in progress. The main themes in the text are differences but also love. The story is open, so the reader has a lot to think about, after reading it.

the story is told from the husband’s point of view, which means that it’s told in 3rd person. It is also told in chronologically order, which means that the story was told in how the things originally happened
We are introduced to a couple, a man and a woman, there are arguing while washing the dishes. In the dialog, we can see how the husband trying to be the best husband he can be. For example, the wife’s friend tells her: ‘’A few months earlier he overheard a friend of his wife’s congratulate her on having such a considerate husband, and he thought, I try’’
It’s showing how the husband is trying to be good, by washing the dishes with her every day. This could mean that he actually cares about the way his wife is seeing him. He wants to be good and mostly of all a good husband. We can see that, in his comment where he says “I try’’. That means he’s trying to be a good husband to his wife
He cares a lot about her, but in the other way he is pushing her to her limits. We can see that in the dialog; ‘’Sometimes his wife got this look where she pinched her brows together and bit her lower lip and stared down at something. When he saw her like this he knew he should keep his mouth shut, but he never did. Actually it made him talk more’’
He knew she was going to get mad, but he still kept talking. He will not just give her the rights; he’s fighting for his own decisions. Maybe he’s missing some kind of respect from his wife or then he just feels that he is better than her. But in the end he has unconditional love for her, we can see…...

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