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At early XX century, the most evil of all the political parties that have existed, the National Socialist Party, came to power in Germany. Guided by Adolf Hitler, the Nazis began to implement their policies aimed at restricting the Jewish population of Germany. This is where the story of Oskar Schindler beings. He is a German bussinessman who, while working for the Nazi, empathized with the Jewish people and saved about 1200 of them from being killed at the Auschwitz concentration camp during the holocaust, by hiring them on his factory. This empathy that Schindler had for the Jews began on Warsaw, after he saw the cruelty that they were living. It was after seeing how they were being treatad that he decided to hire this Jews on his ammunition factory on Czechoslovakia to save them.
Oskar Schindler is firstly seen as a selfish German bussinessman who hoped making his fortune as a slave labour profiteer during World War II. He acquired a factory for the production of ammunition. He didn't knew much about how to operate a bussiness like that, so he collaborated with Itzhak Stern, an official of the Jewish Council. He satisfied the Nazis operating the factory while Stern handled the administration of the factory. Him, unlike other Germans, started feeling that what was happening to the Jews was wrong. This made him became humanitarian, turning his factory into a refuge for the jewish people he hired. As the Holocaust worsened, Schindler witnessed horrible stories which he could not ignore and quickly wrote up a list, with the help of Stern. That is where the "Schindler's list" name comes from. Stern helped him falsifying documents to ensure that as many people as possible were considerated essential to the German war effort, and saved them from being taken to concentration camps, or being killed.
Schindler's change of mind about the Jewish people and the realization…...

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